Letter: Funding cuts are threatening school mentorship program

April 25, 2013 

Last night I attended the ASD Gifted Mentorship Program reception at Bartlett High School where 200 students and their mentors were recognized. The remarkable program has existed for 24 years, and it has doubled the number of participants in the last five years. It is outstanding that we have over 200 mentors in Anchorage willing to work with our students.  

This year the program was run by a supervisor and three coordinators. However, due to funding and restructuring issues, the ASD has decided to reduce the staff to one faculty member next year.  I am concerned that there will be fewer students in the program next year, and that many of the mentors will be lost.

School Board member Tam Agosti-Gisler spoke at the reception, and I understand that she is working with the ASD to find a way to keep this excellent program viable for the future. I suggest that the ASD authorize one teacher per school as the school’s coordinator, and that they pay that teacher a full coaching stipend for their work.

— Daniel Page

Eagle River

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