Letter: Hats off to students, teachers in the biomedical program

April 26, 2013 

Last Saturday I attended the Biomedical Career Academy Expo at Service High School. The Expo was presented by the students who are currently enrolled in this amazing program. 

Many different stations were set up, and subjects presented, by the students themselves. This included hands-on demonstrations of blood pressure, EKGs, DNA, and the like, as well as extensive information on all aspects of the human body and health issues.

Every station included models, graphs, charts and medical equipment, as well as bright-eyed students eager to explain their subject and share their knowledge. It was all extremely interesting and impressive.

I spoke with two of the several teachers involved in the Biomed Academy. Their enthusiasm for what they are teaching was admirable and I really applaud their good works. How wonderful that our children have the advantage of a program such as this, run by such dedicated teachers and staff. And how nice to know these young people are the movers and the shakers, the leaders, and yes, the doctors of tomorrow. Good job, students. 

— Kathi Moon



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