Letter: Government spends too much

May 1, 2013 

We all complain because the cost of government is too high. I think we would all admit that. Because people in office in Washington don’t do their jobs properly we come up with the “sequester” process. When the cuts come from that process we complain. Now we are complaining about the effects on air travel.

It is not fun to have to reduce our spending; we would all agree to that. When your income is less than your output at home you have to reduce your spending. We don’t like that but we know it is necessary. We can’t travel first class when we don’t have the funds. We have got to reduce our spending from government and as long as our representatives in Washington can’t seem to make the hard decisions then having some spending control process in place to do that is required.

Replace Congress if we don’t like the job they are doing.

— Gene Sanderson


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