Sitka bald eagle found dead 18 years after earning the nickname 'Windex'

AnchorageMay 3, 2013 

Windex, a bald eagle that made headlines in 1995 after being knocked senseless in a collision with a Sitka window, apparently learned his lesson. He went on to live a normal life and died at about the usual age for eagles, his corpse discovered last month near a Sitka trail, reports KCAW.  

[Alaska Raptor Center worker Jen] Cedarleaf had just arrived in Sitka when the Windex incident happened.

“I pretty distinctly remember the call, because he flew through their window and knocked himself out, and they have this eagle in their living room, and they’re like, ‘What do I do?’” she said.

As it turns out, Lee Krause and his wife, Tina, still live in the house where it happened. ... Lee was sitting with his back to the window, less than five feet away, when the eagle came crashing through. 

“A total explosion, that’s what it was,” Tina Krause says.

“It was like a gun going off or something,” her husband adds. “And then I was just peppered up my back. I really thought somebody got me with a shotgun or something.” 

Read more, see photos and hear the radio report at KCAW.


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