Letter: Concerning Paul and Elise

May 3, 2013 

You always know when Paul Jenkins (comment, April 27) has put together a good column… the lefties burst out of the woodwork whining and crying. Keep up the good work, Paul.

While Elise Patkotak’s column can be quite entertaining, I seldom fail to find inaccurate and incomplete statements of fact therein. In her latest anti-gun effort (comment, April 30), she provides her view that all the old TV westerns, depicting the good guy with a gun bringing law and order to the early West, are myth. Actually there are numerous well documented cases of one or a few “good guys,” sometimes wearing badges, helping and protecting various Western communities during the latter half of the 19th century. 

And then there is Elise’s argument that better background-check laws will weed out at least a few more who should not have guns. But then in the next breath she indicates that she does not want anyone with a gun in their possession, concealed or unconcealed, near her. Sounds like she really wants more gun control than just expanded background-checks. 

— Jim Lieb 


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