Letter: Background checks do not threaten Second Amendment

May 4, 2013 

Nearly every day a letter is featured concerning gun control or background checks. We have heard that the Second Amendment is important, guns don’t kill people, and universal background checks will not stop criminals. Those ideas are valid but the main point is being missed. We all agree that there is a problem, hence the daily public discussion. Guns are killing machines. Killing is a gun’s intended purpose. Scissors are for cutting, guns are for killing. We also agree that mentally unstable people should not have access to guns. Instituting universal background checks will make acquiring guns harder for everybody, including mentally unstable individuals. Universal background checks do not threaten the integrity of the Second Amendment. Also, by making guns harder to acquire as a whole, we inherently make it harder for criminals and the mentally deficient. We are arguing over a possible solution that doesn’t have any ill effect. It is silly to acknowledge a problem and also refuse to do anything about it. Please support making killing machines universally harder to acquire. 

— Hunter Joy


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