Letter: Radicals seem to have taken control of leadership of NRA

May 6, 2013 

As a hunter and owner of several guns, Vietnam veteran, and former NRA member I am shocked at the radicalization of the NRA over the past 30 years. When I was an NRA member, the NRA was a gun education/safety organization and supported background checks. Recently, the new president-elect, James Porter, stated “that all citizens should be trained in the use of military weapons and military strategy in order to stop our tyrant government.” What?

 Mr. Wayne LaPierre (current executive vice president of the NRA) asked recently if the “residents of Boston now wish they carried a gun?” Really? Bombings are over in a split second. What could armed citizens really do?

 The NRA is now led by radicals. How can our elected officials support the NRA? They are the “tyrant government” the NRA is promoting to take up arms against.

— Steven Lyons




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