Letter: Do the right thing and clean up after your dog

May 7, 2013 

On May 4, dozens of fantastic volunteers braved the snow, rain and cold to get out and help clean up pet waste in two Anchorage dog parks. A huge thank you to them!

Obviously, the weather made it much more difficult to accomplish a task that shouldn’t even be necessary, but it still went on and people showed up. Dog owners — our pets leave an estimated 10-plus tons of dog poop in Anchorage on a daily basis. It carries harmful bacteria. It needs to be cleaned up — by you. It does not just biodegrade into the soil. It runs off with snow melt, rain, yard watering, and car washing into our creeks — untreated. Your kids swim, wade, fish, and tube in those creeks, as do adults and pets. Horrible illnesses can result from fecal coliform bacteria. Do everyone a huge favor and show your respect. Scoop your pet’s poop and dispose of it properly.

And thanks you to all those who worked Saturday and every day to help keep our city cleaner and creeks healthier.

— Cherie Northon


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