Letter: EPA recognizes Bristol Bay is no place for project like Pebble Mine

May 8, 2013 

The EPA has released its revised assessment of the Bristol Bay watershed and the impacts of Pebble Mine. As many expected, the study again articulates some of the irreversible risks of putting a giant mine in the heart of a thriving salmon fishery.

This study, requested by Alaskans, shows that we must protect the most plentiful salmon habitat in the world and the jobs that depend on them. In a time of economic uncertainty, we need every job we can get. The Bristol Bay fisheries support more than 14,000 jobs a year from commercial fishing and sport fishing, bringing in more than $500 million a year.

We cannot risk a functioning, productive industry and way of life with a dangerous mine. Mining has its place, but Pebble’s mega-mine has no place in Bristol Bay, as the revised assessment shows. It’s clear the EPA should follow through and seek to withhold the required dredging permits for Pebble under the Clean Water Act. Thanks, EPA for doing the right thing. Keep Pebble out of Bristol Bay.

— Sam Snyder


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