Letter: Trombley might consider using budget surplus responsibly

May 8, 2013 

On May 2, I attended a public meeting at Baxter Elementary school. Assemblyman  Adam Trombley presented and informed us this year was the centennial anniversary for Anchorage. He then told us that the year-end numbers for 2012 had been finalized for the MOA and a $6 million-plus surplus existed. He then invited us to provide opinions on how best to spend that surplus money in celebrating our centennial.

A few thoughts came to mind:

First, the assemblyman didn’t ask if we thought it was a good idea to spend the surplus or apply it as a credit/refund to those who pay property taxes — he and others decided it was already spent.

Second, don’t ever take my money for a stated purpose (school, public safety, etc.) and then spend it on a party.

Third, we have a $6 million surplus and you are eliminating necessary municipal jobs? If there is fat to cut in the budget, then cut it. Do not take those savings and throw a party.

— Matt Moore


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