In coffee hut collision, alcohol played role in wreck and arrest

casey.grove@adn.comMay 14, 2013 

An out-of-control sedan side-swiped an East Anchorage coffee hut Tuesday, injuring the barista inside, said police, who arrested the sedan's driver on suspicion of driving drunk.

The Nissan Altima hit a median and some large rocks on Bragaw Street -- going airborne twice -- and smashed into the side of the Arctic Grounds Coffee Company hut, witnesses said. The driver stumbled away, but officers arrested him about 100 yards from the wrecked car.

A police spokeswoman identified the man as Patrick Michael Osbon, 28, and said he is charged with drunken driving, assault, leaving the scene of an accident and criminal mischief.

Pieces of the smashed Nissan and cinder blocks that make up the coffee hut's foundation littered the side of the road and a parking lot where the hut sits in front of Sweet Pink Pepper restaurant, on Bragaw Street between DeBarr Road and Reka Drive.

A passenger in the sedan, Jeff Satterfield, said Osbon offered him a ride at a Muldoon gas station. Osbon, whom Satterfield only knew as "Patrick," started speeding as he turned off of DeBarr, heading south on Bragaw.

"I said, 'Slow down, slow down, slow down!' " Satterfield said. "He just kept speeding."

The car swerved left, hit a sign atop a median and jumped off the median, Satterfield said.

Tony Newsom, a driver for Riggs Towing, said he watched the wreck from the intersection of DeBarr and Bragaw.

"He went airborne, took out the sign and then he shot across both northbound lanes and hit the rocks that separate the Pink Pepper from the church parking lot. He went airborne again and that's when he hit the coffee cart," Newsom said. "When I pulled up, he got out all wobbly. I was already on the phone with 911 when I pulled up."

"He tried to make a, I guess, a limp for it, when he heard the sirens. He wasn't moving very fast," Newsom said.

The coffee hut remained intact. But the collision shifted it violently, Newsom said. A worker inside fell backward and hit her head on a freezer, then a shelf stocked with espresso syrup fell on her, he said. Police officers said she was taken to a hospital with suspected minor injuries.

Newsom and Officer Christopher Mueller chased down Osbon, Newsom said. The man made it only about 100 yards, behind the Pink Pepper into a mobile home park, Mueller said.

"I just yelled at him, and he stopped," Mueller said.

Satterfield, the passenger, said there were between eight and 12 shot-sized bottles of liquor in the car. Osbon showed signs of being impaired by alcohol, Mueller said.

"Hence the short foot pursuit," Mueller added.


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