Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program to welcome 60 high school students

Posted on May 16, 2013 

ANSEP prepares for Acceleration Academy class of 60 high school students


The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) is gearing up to host 65 high school students for its pre-college Acceleration Academy component, May 18 - June 23 on the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus.


Students have been selected to participate in the Acceleration Academy through a competitive application process.  They will travel to Anchorage from communities around Alaska. All costs associated with students’ participation are covered by ANSEP.


ANSEP’s Acceleration Academy provides high school students the unique opportunity to attend college-level classes taught by tenured professors in the fields of biology, chemistry, geology, physics, engineering and mathematics. Classes are the equivalent of college semester courses but condensed to be completed in just five weeks. During their time on the UAA campus, students also attend an introduction to engineering class that simulates a college experience as an engineering student and offers a chance to learn more about the profession.


Acceleration Academy students from anywhere in Alaska have the opportunity to earn the full Alaska Performance Scholarship


“ANSEP components for high school students are strategically developed to spark an interest in careers in the sciences and engineering fields and to prepare students for college and beyond,” said PhD, founder and Vice Provost for ANSEP, Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder. “The Acceleration Academy puts students in an advantageous position by not only preparing them for college courses and life on campus but also by providing them a solid knowledge base and some credits under their belts so they are ready for more advanced classes. This provides these students with a better chance of success in a science or engineering career, regardless of the level of classes available to them at their high school.”


Acceleration Academy students attend classes daily during the morning hours and participate in afternoon projects led by university faculty. Projects include on-campus lab work and off-campus fieldwork. At the completion of the five-week Academy, the goal is for students to have completed two college courses and earned college credits; developed academic and social skills to be successful in college; learn to engage with university faculty and staff; and become familiar with a college campus for a smoother transition following high school graduation. Students who successfully complete the Acceleration Academy can earn up to $2,000 in scholarship support for enrollment in science, technology, engineering and math degree programs at the University of Alaska.


To learn more about ANSEP and its Acceleration Academy component, visit



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