Letter: Where was Fran Ulmer when arena was being planned?

May 16, 2013 

Fran Ulmer’s Compass (May 15) cited the many achievements in UAA sports. I don’t believe there is any disagreement with her point.

Fran further pointed out the many basketball games she attended that were both exciting and enjoyable. All of that is as it should be in any successful sports program.

At the same time she failed to mention any hockey games she attended to endure the agony of defeat suffered by a team and sport many in Anchorage have grown to love and enjoy.

I do not believe the hockey community has overlooked any of the achievements cited by Ulmer. At the same time I wonder where she was when the new sports arena was planned and completely omitted any mention of the only Division 1 program at UAA. The new arena will not even have practice ice. This is pathetic.

The recent concern by the local hockey community was caused by the direct lack of concern for ice hockey by the UAA athletic department, not the other achievements within UAA.

— Ken Rocheleau


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