Letter: ‘Low oil flow’ is a scam perpetrated on public

May 18, 2013 

Re: Bob Lewis’ letter of May 17 asserting low oil flow and condemning and calling Rep. Les Gara “Nero.”

The “low oil flow” scam was successfully perpetrated on the public and the Legislature by the major oil companies, their shills, Gov. Parnell and Republican legislative leadership, stating that TAPS, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, shutdown was imminent because of low oil flow (then over 500,000 b/d). That would shut down the North Slope and result in an economic disaster for Alaska. Thus lawmakers had to give oil taxes away to the major oil companies to obtain more oil in TAPS.

Then Judge Sharon Gleason’s oil property tax case decision came down. 

The Gleason court subpoenaed TAPS and BP’s internal documents, which stated that TAPS oil flow could continue down to 100,000 barrels/day and with an investment of $3 billion could continue down to 45,000 b/d.

Seldom does one catch the oil companies and Parnell so clearly with their hands in the cookie jar as in “low oil flow” scam. Would Mr. Lewis care to try for two?

— Jerry McCutcheon 


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