Letter: Something’s wrong when last days of school year are wasted

May 19, 2013 

“Quality or quantity?”

If student classroom time and attendance is so valuable to the Anchorage School District, then why did my daughter and her fellow students have to empty their lockers and bring all of their school materials home yesterday (May 17)? The school year ends on May 23. The students are told not to bring anything to school next week. Instead of classroom instruction, the students will be watching movies and videos. Why wasn’t Friday the last day? 

Education quality should be the focus, not meeting a preset number of attendance days (quantity). This is nothing but bureaucratic student cattle herding to justify a budget and fulfill a superficial student classroom attendance record.

I support education. I believe in “quality education.” Keeping students in the classroom just to satisfy predetermined bureaucratic mandates is a waste of  students’ time and taxpayers’ dollars. We need quality education standards, not quantity-based education standards.

— Michael Kief




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