97-pound halibut leads Valdez derby

sports@adn.comMay 21, 2013 

Shawn Shipman was in second place with a 70.4 lbs. halibut. The Whitehorse, Yukon Territory resident caught the fish May 19, 2013 on the Dan Orion.


Valdez angler Justin Hoppe took the early lead in his hometown's annual halibut derby, hooking a 97-pound fish Saturday in Prince William Sound.

Hoppe caught his fish aboard Dan Orion charters. So did Shawn Shipman of Whitehorse, who ranks second in the derby with the 70.4-pound halibut he caught Saturday.

The Valdez Halibut Derby ends Sept. 1 and will pay $15,000 to the winner. Second place pays $5,000 and third place is worth, and every one who buys a ticket will be entered in a drawing for a new truck.

Derby tickets are $10 a day or $50 for the season and must be purchased before heading out on the water. Weigh-in runs from 3-8 p.m. daily at the derby shack located kitty corner from the harbor master's office.

The limit for halibut in Prince William Sound is two per person.



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