Letter: Young took a vacation instead of honoring his responsibilities

May 25, 2013 

Yet again, Don Young does not live up to his self-proclaimed billing as “The Congressman for All Alaskans.” I listened to him last year as he campaigned and claimed he still had “fight in him” and “a fire in his belly.” 

Young makes no apologies for any of his words or actions, unless his re-election is threatened. His staff tells us that he was absent this week when a bill that he co-sponsored was presented at the Natural Resources Committee’s energy subcommittee. 

Now, I love to hunt as much as the next Alaskan, but Congressman Young has responsibilities to honor before jet-setting around the globe. A bill requiring an annual lease sale in NPR-A and streamlined permitting is very important to the development of our state resources and Congressman Young should have been there. I can only conclude that his vacation was more important than the job he was elected to perform and more important than any potential jobs and opportunities the bill he co-sponsored could create. 

— Matt Moore


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