Letter: U.S. should join other nations in ending hunger for children

AnchorageMay 26, 2013 

Hunger remains a death sentence for 2.5 million kids a year worldwide, causing one-third of all preventable childhood deaths. And, 165 million survive but are developmentally challenged because a lack of proper nutrition.

This is entirely preventable with simple, proven, nutrition programs that yield the highest return on investment for growth and productivity. But, progress is stalled by a huge funding gap of approximately $10 billion annually. The U.S. can do more as less than 1 percent of our foreign aid funds nutrition programs. Leading humanitarian organizations recently called upon the administration to pledge $1.35 billion over three years to scale up our nutrition investments at the first-ever nutrition pledging conference on June 8 in London before the G8 Summit.

Now is the time for the U.S government to demonstrate its leadership by increasing and improving its investment in nutrition with the $1.35 billion pledge at the Nutrition for Growth meeting.

— Lynda Meyer


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