Letter: Incidents show city’s meanness Has Anchorage become meaner? Yes.

June 6, 2013 

When an elderly couple are murdered in their own home , Anchorage is meaner.

When a 2-year-old is raped, Anchorage is meaner.

When a young couple are run over in a parking lot and the coward drives away, Anchorage is meaner.

When people disregard all traffic laws, Anchorage is meaner.

When the mayor strips away union bargaining power, Anchorage is meaner.

When the Assembly tries to take away our right to free speech, Anchorage is meaner.

What Anchorage needs are a couple hundred more police officers, a mayor who respects the working class and more people like Mao Tosi. I have lived here for 40 years and have watched Anchorage become the meanest and most unfriendly city this side of Newark or Detroit. If I had the financial means I would move back to Philadelphia.

— William Lewis


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