Karen Giltz of Palmer Fred Meyer named inaugural Director of the Year for Alaska

Posted on June 7, 2013 

Karen Giltz


Karen Giltz of Palmer Fred Meyer Named Inaugural  

Director of the Year For Alaska 


PORTLAND, Ore., June 6, 2013 – Karen Giltz, store director of the Palmer Fred Meyer, was named Director of the Year for her district, which encompasses all 11 Fred Meyer stores in Alaska. This is the first year that Fred Meyer has awarded this designation in each of its seven districts, with plans to make it an annual honor.


Among the qualifications Giltz met or exceeded are the store’s sales goals; customer satisfaction as tallied on customer surveys; goals for training employees in safety procedures and reducing accidents at the store; goals for employee satisfaction surveys and undercover shopping surveys. Of note is the fact that her store has been accident free for 580 days.


As district director of the year, Giltz will receive a specially designed ring and each of the 150 employees at her store will receive a $25 gift card.

“Directors have the ability to change everything about the store through their leadership and involvement, and to inspire, motivate and deliver results through their store teams,” said Rick Heffner, vice president of store operations. “We instituted this award so we could honor our directors for being such strong leaders as well as honor our employees for working as part of a team and achieving such amazing results together.”

Giltz, who has been in Alaska for 17 years, has been director of the Palmer store for three years. She has been with Fred Meyer for 19 years, having started as a courtesy clerk in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

“My goal wasn’t to be named ‘director of the year,’ but just to do the best job we could every day. I believe if you are ready for your customer you are ready for anything,” says Giltz. “I am lucky to have such an awesome group of associates that I get to work with every day.”


Giltz cites Mike Blewett, Alaska District Coordinator for the home and garden side of the business, as her mentor as she moved up within the company and even now goes to him for advice.

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