Murkowski Announces Seward Teen as Summer Senate Page

Posted on June 7, 2013 

Rachel Taugas and Sen. Lisa Murkowski


Murkowski Announces Seward Teen as Summer Senate Page 
Senator Selects Rachel Tougas to Contribute to Her Capitol Hill Work
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced the selection of Rachel Tougas of Seward as her United States Senate Page this summer – the Senator’s second nomination since earning the seniority to sponsor a Senate page last January.
“The Senate Page Program is an incredible opportunity for young people like Rachel to begin their journey towards becoming our nation’s future leaders and policymakers, and open their eyes to how the federal process operates outside of a textbook” said Senator Murkowski. “I am always excited to see students ask about opportunities to serve, and my new opportunity to select an Alaskan high school junior every semester and summer is truly an investment in our next generation of Alaskans.”
Rachel Tougas, a Seward High School junior, was selected as one of thirty high school juniors from across the country to participate in the Senate’s 3-week summer page program this June. Pages are selected by senior members of the Senate and tasked with delivering correspondence and legislative materials within the Capitol, preparing the Senate chambers and assisting all 100 Senators.
It was during a visit to Seward last January for the opening of the new Seward Community Library Museum, that Senator Murkowski had the opportunity to speak with a group of student volunteers from the Seward High School Debate Team that included Ms. Tougas – when Rachel inquired about an internships in the Senator’s office and was encouraged to apply to the U.S. Senate Page Program.
“I never really had much interest in politics; I never saw a connection until I joined my debate team this year,” said Tougas. “We had to debate different domestic and global issues, and that really opened my eyes to everything. It made me want to be more involved and to educate myself and others about different issues. What better place to learn than Washington, D.C.”
Students looking for more information or interested in applying should visit the Senator’s website by clicking here.

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