Late Friday training talk -- what's new with your pack?

AnchorageJune 8, 2013 

It's been 9 weeks since Eddie's cranial cruciate surgery. He's doing great.


Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks or bounce a question off the group.

I stumbled on a practical purpose for some of Eddie's obedience skills and tricks recently. He's 9 weeks into his rehab for cranial cruciate surgery, and the physical therapist is giving us exercises to help shift weight onto his repaired leg. In almost ever exercise, he has a command that gets him into it.

The therapist wanted him to turn around clockwise, so I gave him a "spin" command. She wanted him to put his front legs up on something, so he got a "two" command, which is to put two legs on my leg. She wanted him to back up, so he got a "reverse." And she wanted him to lift one leg up, so I gave him a "limp" command. 

It made what could have been a tedious chore much easier to manage. Proud of my little guy. His progress has been slow but steady. I'm told 8 weeks is a general target to expect pretty much full activity out of them. Eddie was still occasionally favoring the leg at 8 weeks, so we're staying on physical therapy for another 4 weeks. That's water-treadmill work and lots of exercise. We were also encouraged to go to Alaska K9 Aquatics for some swim therapy. Haven't done it yet but have an appointment for next week.

But enough blabbering. What's up with your pack?

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