Canadians with boats moored in Skagway irked by new customs rules

AnchorageJune 12, 2013 

From CBC News: Yukon mariners who keep their boats in Skagway say they're fed up with the new director of U.S. customs in Skagway, who is enforcing registration and reporting rules that don't appear to be in any published list of rules.

The rules affect about 250 Yukoners who have bought and registered boats in Alaska and moor them in Skagway.

“We're ready to go,” said Yukon boater Bob Cameron. “We all want to go, but what do we do? We're a little bit scared to untie our boats."

That's because if the boater is Canadian, Skagway's director of Customs and Border Services is requiring them to report where they’re going. They must also report by fax into any U.S. ports they visit.

For example, a pleasure boater now has to register with the Skagway office that they intend to boat to Haines, then report in at the office in Haines, then register an intent to continue on to Juneau, and so on.

The fines for failure to comply start at $5,000. A meeting with the customs director didn't answer many of the boaters questions, they said.

Read more at CBC: Yukon boaters irked by new Alaska customs rules

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