One Alaskan who doesn't want to appear on a reality show

AnchorageJune 12, 2013 

Bald eagles along the Chilkat River

MARK KELLEY — Associated Press archive

Thanks but no thanks, Haines author and blogger Heather Lende tells the producers of a prospective reality TV show called "Alaska Rivers" who asked her to audition. 

The Chilkat River is a huge and ever-present obstacle for me in my work, as it's constantly breaking my concentration with its ever-changing beauty, wildlife, and all the visitors and neighbors who feel the same way strolling by with dogs. This is the worst place to live if you want to get anything done, especially in June. Just now there are a bunch of eagles feeding on what looks like a king salmon on the flats and my dog Pearl really wants us to go investigate. On the other hand, this is the place I love more than anywhere in the world, and I often wonder if I lived somewhere else, would I even be inspired to share  as much as I do with the world? ... I'm also very aware how lucky I am to have this fragile kind of peace and I'd never do anything to upset it.

Read more at Lende's blog: Reality television knocks on the door

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