Alaska sports report for Thursday, June 13

sports@adn.comJune 13, 2013 

— A four-run second inning and a 3-for-3 performance from Jacob Butcher propelled Wasilla Post 35 to a 7-4 American Legion baseball win over Eagle River Post 8 at Loretta French Field on Thursday.

Butcher drove in three runs and scored a run. Ben Ross and Morgan Mcjimsey each notched a pair of hits for Wasilla, with Ross scoring three times and Mcjimsey driving in three runs. Dalton McHugill struck out four in three innings of relief to earn a win, and Tyler Boensch pitched the final two inning for a save.

Seven players recorded hits for Eagle River. Colby LeBlanc, Mike Rosenberg, Lauren Frost and Cameron Fabacher each scored runs.

Moore, Jolliff dominate

Ian Moore and Jen Jolliff handled the long course at Wednesday's Billygoat-O orienteering meet at Storck Park -- Moore won the men's division and Jolliff topped the women in dominating style on a hot, sunny evening.

Moore navigated the 4.8-kilometer, 20-control course in 54 minutes, 23 seconds, to beat runner-up Trond Jensen (1:04:28) by more than 10 minutes.

Jolliff finished in 1:24:04, more than 15 minutes ahead of Karen Bronga, who clocked 1:39:32.

Around 80 people competed across three courses.

Wednesday's orienteering results

Long Billygoat-O (4.8-K, 20 controls)

Men -- 1) Ian Moore, 0:54:23; 2) Trond Jensen, 1:04:28; 3) Bill Spencer, 1:10:50; 4) Regan Sarwas, 1:24:05; 5) Liam Sarwas, 1:24:50; 6) Brian Durell, 1:25:15; 7) Eric Follett, 1:44:30; 8) Tom Bronga, 2:02:10; 9) Ivan Hodes, 2:31:20; 10) Matthew Hansen, 2:31:20.

Women -- 1) Jen Jolliff, 1:24:04; 2) Karen Bronga, 1:39:32; 3) Allison Phillips, 2:13:02; 4) Lorena Knapp, 2:37:50.

Team -- 1) Bill Johnson, Sheryl Mohwinkel, 1:51:20; 2) Scott Patterson, Jacob Kirk, 1:52:56.

Short Billygoat-O, (3.3-K, 12 controls)

Men -- 1) Dan Billman, 1:02:35; 2) Philip Stutzer, 1:05:16; 3) Mike Robinson, 1:16:38

Women -- 1) Anne Billman, 1:09:47; 2) Joyce Goodell, 1:57:06; 3) Giselle Bergeron, 1:57:09; 4) Stephanie Kesler, 2:08:42.

Team -- 1) Martin Hansen and Eliza McGownd, 1:36:41; 2) Teal Ehmann, Conner Ehmann, Sophia Ehmann, Wyatt Young, Leigh Anne Bonney, Megan Bonney, 2:02:10; 3) Lori Sivitz, Erin Sivitz, Dana Orr and Piper Orr, 2:07:15; 4) Leslie Tose, Dwight Iverson, 2:09:31.

White course (4-K, nine controls)

Team -- 1) Ashly, Cooly, and Axel Beckes, 0:13:04; 2) Ruth, Baxter, and Charlie Kvernplassen, 0:14:00; 3) Arthur and Andrew Harmon, 0:14:43; 4) Brower Family No. 1, 0:16:15; 5) Brower Family No. 2, 0:19:40; 6) Krista, Andrew, Karla, Heather, William, Donna, Graham James, 0:27:00.

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