#AKFood: Chicks dig urban greens

Posted by Julia O'Malley on June 14, 2013 

Courtesy: Anchorage Food Mosaic

Note: This is the first post in what we hope will be a regular feature, #akfood, highlighting Alaska food blogs.

It’s prime garden time for urban foodies. The starts are in, seeds are up and visions of home-grown dinners are already in our heads. Anchorage Food Mosiac’s Shannon Kuhn did a survey among her readers about why people garden in the city. (Favorite reason: Chicks dig it.) She made the urban gardening word cloud to the right with their answers. Somehow “zombie” ended up being almost as prominent as “lettuce.” Go figure.

On the food blogs, fresh, light fare has been dominating, inspired by the glorious weather. Food writer Kim Sunee made killer opilio crab spring rolls with the help of a crab hook-up from a friend with Dutch Harbor ties. Fairbanks food blogger Nicole Pierce threw together a simple potato salad. And Laurie Constantino, urban forager, dished up some sweet, citrusy, herbal cow parsnip ice cream. I tried it.

Finally, want to see something cool? Here’s a quick 360 degree tour of the kitchen at Two Sisters Bakery in Homer.


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