Letter: Manchin has guts others lack

June 15, 2013 

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D) is my hero of the week because (unlike my senator, Begich, and three other Dem senators) Manchin has the ————— (insert your own word) to support background checks for gun buyers. Manchin, who has an A+ NRA rating, worked out a bill with Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Toomey that they submitted to their colleagues. Didn’t pass, mostly because, unlike Manchin, our four timid Dem senators could not bring themselves to counter the NRA at home. 

Now, as promised, the NRA is going after Manchin with a new ad, and I hope West Virginia voters will metaphorically blow them out of the saddle at the polls. Most Americans want universal background checks. They don’t want special interest groups telling them who they can trust and how they should vote. So, rock on, Joe Manchin. Salud! 

— Judith Meidinger


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