Spenard Jazz winners announced

Posted on June 17, 2013 


The Spenard Jazz Festival's "Song of the Year" contest winners were revealed at a concert on Friday night. Liz Malys' "World Class Woman" won the Vocal division and Dan McElrath won in the instrumental category with "Night in Spenard."

Of the latter, McElrath says:

"Night in Spenard" was inspired by Dizzy Gillespie's tune "Night in Tunisia". I figured if you take "Night in Tunisia" turn it upside down and backwards you pretty much get a night in Spenard!:) But no night in Spenard would be complete without a tribute to Mr. Whitekeys. So the second segment of the song is a patented Whitekeys boogie woogie piano solo followed by a bop style solo rift. And, of course, all nights in Spenard eventually end with a siren for one reason or another.

You can hear it on his new CD, "907 Central Jazz."

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