#AKfood: Rhubarb edition

Posted by Julia O'Malley on June 21, 2013 

Before we go deep on rhubarb, here's a cool take on grilled cheese: Alaska From Scratch's Maya Evoy used a panini pan to grill brie. (Might be worth experimenting with grilling cheese on a gas grill, too. Just make sure you keep the temp low and keep an eye on it.) She topped it with local Alaska honey and some figs her sister brought from California. (As of yesterday, New Sagaya City Market had figs on offer.) Secret to making the flavors pop? Salt, she says.

In other news, it's official: rhubarb is taking over the world. At least the local food world. Local foodie Shannon Kuhn has five rhubarb recipes in the Anchorage Press this week, including rhubarb barbecue sauce and a beautiful rhubarb-meringue pie. Juneau-based food blog "Sandra's Alaska Recipes" is featuring a husband-pleasing 7-dozen cookie recipe for ,rhubarb-ginger snickerdoodles. And food writer Laurie Constantino made some Thai rhubarb carrot soup, some rhubarb sorbet and she experimented with a rhubarb-rosemary breakfast scramble. ("It ain't purty," she wrote. "But it sure is tasty.") What's your go-to rhubarb recipe?

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