Charges: Kenai man dug up ex's miscarried fetus

casey.grove@adn.comJune 22, 2013 

A Kenai man is charged with digging up the remains of his ex-girlfriend's miscarried fetus, which she had buried at a public beach in May.

Police arrested the man, Brandon James Lee Logan, on Monday. Logan, 19, faces a felony count of criminal mischief and a misdemeanor count of misconduct involving a corpse.

According to a charging document, the woman's miscarriage occurred May 9. She named the fetus and left the hospital with its body, the charges say. Another woman -- who later reported Logan to police -- said a small group of friends held a funeral service on North Beach in Kenai the same day, according to the charges.

"It's just the public beach," said Paul Cushman, an investigator with the Kenai Police Department. "It's not what I would consider a normal or official burial site. I don't know why they chose to bury the child there."

The parents of the miscarried fetus broke up a short time later, and the woman began seeing Logan, the charges say. Less than a month later, on June 9, Logan ended their relationship. That day, he sent text messages with pictures of the burial site to the woman threatening to dig up and do harm to the remains, the charges say.

Cushman went to the beach with the previous boyfriend, the fetus's father, on June 13. Cushman described digging for the remains in a phone interview with the Daily News on Saturday.

"It was pretty surreal, I mean to dig," he said. "On the one hand, you're hoping you don't find this child there, because you don't want to find a buried baby. But on the other hand, for the sake of the family, you have this hope that maybe it wasn't really dug up, that nobody did tamper with the remains of their baby and you were going to find it, that maybe they just missed it when they were digging for it and that you'd be able to call them and let them know, 'Nope, your baby's here, nobody messed with it, it's fine."

But that was not the case. Cushman did not find the remains where they had originally been buried, according to the charging document. On Monday, police called Logan in for an interview.

Logan said he had sent the text messages but claimed not to have tampered with the grave, the charges say. He later changed his story, admitting to digging up the fetus and burying it somewhere nearby, and led the officers to the new burial site, the charges say. They found it about 25 yards from the original spot, according to the charges.

An officer put Logan under arrest and took him to jail. Court records show he bailed out Tuesday.

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