Letter: Facebook comments on KHAR show the station will be missed

June 22, 2013 

Recently I launched a Facebook page called Bring Back the Old KHAR. It got attention and most comments reflected what we have read here in letters, that we miss our now defunct favorite radio station.

One person did suggest that we quit whining and start our own station. Another wondered why we couldn’t just be happy for sports fans.

My favorite was the comment that KHAR listeners did not do our part by patronizing the station’s sponsors. Undoubtedly someone didn’t realize that KHAR ads increasingly ran to crematoriums and mortuaries, not businesses I plan to patronize any time soon. I could have used more upbeat commercials for things like nurseries, financial planners, restaurants, mechanics. The cheerful voice of “the mushing mortician” multiple times a day just signaled time to turn the volume down.

One good thing to come of all of this is that I have my CDs out again and in the last few weeks have learned the words to all of Iris Dement’s songs. This has to be good for my brain.

— Jeanne Ashcraft


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