Letter: Don’t let the oil industry mooch

June 25, 2013 

It’s not difficult to imagine why supporters of Gov. Sean Parnell’s oil tax giveaway are now scrambling to prevent opposition to it.

The message they are delivering is the same, be it on their websites, radio, or their employees out on the street, “learn the facts,” I could not be more thrilled about that message.

Let us please talk about the facts. Like the fact that within the first five years of its implementation SB21 will cost Alaska $4.5 billion, or how about the fact that it removes the provisions that encourage oil investments in Alaska.

The truth is that the oil companies are more like the roommate’s friend who lives on your couch and throws a fit whenever you ask him to contribute to the rent or to stop drinking all the beer without buying more. The repeal of SB21 sends a very strong message to the oil industry, either pay your fair share of the rent, or get off my couch.

— Mark L. Simon


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