Letter: Ask questions, read up on petition

June 26, 2013 

In response to “Who is paying the petitioners” by Ben Monshor (June 25): I have been a petition circulator in Alaska for 12 years. I get paid, albeit underpaid. The state limits the amount of money I make to $1 per signature. Standing outside in rain, snow or heat, wading through the No’s to get to the Yes’s  in gathering signatures from registered voters. 

While circulating the “Repeal the Oil Tax Giveaway,” I found Mr. Monshor quickly demanded to read the petition and question who pays us. He could have read the text in full and gotten a response to his question; instead he chose to beat a hasty retreat. We didn’t have, or maybe he just didn’t want us to have the time.

The right to gather signatures on state initiatives is guaranteed in our Alaska State Constitution. But it’s a crime to interfere with someone signing a state ballot initiative. If he comes to Barnes & Noble, he can read the ballot verbiage, and I can answer his questions about the grass roots campaign.

I support direct democracy. 

— William Buchwald


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