Letter: Anchorage Weather ForecastOffice has current information

July 2, 2013 

This is in reply to the letter sent in by Connor Scher on July 1. Connor rightly shows that the precipitation summary for Anchorage in the ADN is mixed with the snowfall under the snowfall header. It is a bit inconsistent with how the Valley/Kenai precipitation is displayed.

That being said, it is important to remember that though the original source of the ADN “Almanac” information is the NWS in Anchorage, the ADN uses the Weather Underground (a commercial weather vendor and Weather Channel subsidiary) to aggregate and package their weather information. 

I would like to direct readers to the Anchorage Weather Forecast Office website (pafc.arh.noaa.gov) for the latest weather information, including climate and weather summaries. And, for the record, most if not all of the meteorologists at the Anchorage Weather Forecast Office are hopeless snow and weather geeks! Thanks for taking the time and interest to write, Connor. I hope we see you at our next open house.

— Carven A. Scott

acting Meteorologist in Charge NWS Anchorage Weather Forecast Office



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