Letter: Put Loussac before tennis courts

July 2, 2013 

In 1731, Benjamin Franklin and a group of his buddies put into motion the first U.S. public library by purchasing books and making them available for the public to borrow. Their motto was “to support the common good is divine.” They understood that a democratic society requires an educated public. 

Fast forward to 2013 in Anchorage. Our Anchorage Public Library (Lousaac) crumbles in disrepair and shrinks in hours of service.  Meanwhile, Mayor Sullivan and his buddies secured $7 million dollars from the state to build new tennis courts while our public library falls into shambles.

 The public library serves to educate the entire community; tennis courts serve only those who play tennis. What’s wrong with this picture? Mayor Sullivan and Assembly members, why are you allowing our public library to vanish?

— Nancy Stone


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