Letter: Writer responds to question of proving her U.S. citizenship

July 3, 2013 

Ken Landfield wrote asking how I would prove my U.S. citizenship. I would get my naturalization document from the bank box. Or, I would present my U.S. passport, obtainable only by having shown my naturalization document. My husband, a natural-born 10th generation American, would show his birth certificate, available from the county and state of his birth, or his passport, obtained only by having shown his certified birth certificate.

My driver’s license is a valid document for proving who I am, can legally drive, and can buy alcohol or tobacco, cash checks, use charge cards. It’s supported by my Alaska concealed carry permit including photo, validating I’m approved to carry concealed, and that the state troopers at the time of issue found no criminal background. Neither asserts my citizenship. My state-issued voter registration card validates my right to vote as a resident of District 38. It does not, alas, prove that I am a citizen, because in order to register to vote, I was not required to prove citizenship, though I could/would have, proudly.

— Bonnie Williams


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