Haines woman's 'organic' property markers disturb neighbors, but message is clear

AnchorageJuly 9, 2013 

Irene Stigen stands amid the tree stumps that neighbor Carol Waldo placed along her Haines property line.

CHILKAT VALLEY NEWS PHOTO — Used with permission

From the Chilkat Valley News: A Haines woman has had enough of what she sees as years of incursions onto her property by a neighbor and the Haines Borough. Carol Waldo has studded her property with enormous, ragged tree stumps that have set off alarm among residents of the Southeast Alaska town who say they're ugly. But borough officials say that's not enough reason for them to order the stumps moved.

Waldo said (her neighbors) the Stigens for years had illegally used her private property for parking and burning garbage. The borough also stored plowed snow on the property against Waldo’s wishes. Fed up with the unauthorized use of her land, Waldo had a third party deposit the oversized stumps last fall.

“We’ve been asking them to stay off and they won’t stay off. I’m just sick of it,” Waldo said.

“I don’t know what the hell everybody is so worried about,” Waldo said of the stumps. “They’re organic. I’m not dumping garbage out there.”

Waldo promises the stumps aren't permanent, just a way to get her message out.

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