Letter: Public tennis courts would allow the sport to grow in Alaska

Anchorage Daily NewsJuly 9, 2013 

There have been many negative letters regarding the new proposed public indoor tennis/multi-sport facility to be located by the Dempsey Anderson Ice Rink. What I have learned though the years is a few upset people typically voice their opinions so loudly that it can be viewed as the opinion of many. So I ask … please publish some of the letters in support of this facility. I believe the majority of Alaskan’s would like more options in the winter. 

Anchorage Tennis at a glance:

• Youth tennis — 600-800 entries a year

• H.S. tennis 

• Junior tournaments 8+ tournaments a year

• QuickStart tournments 6-8 tournaments a year

• Adult tournaments 8+ tournaments a year

• USTA adult league tennis 

• Junior team tennis

• Recreational / social play

• Senior play

Public courts would make tennis affordable and allow tennis to grow in Alaska.

Tennis is an excellent form of exercise. It’s a healthy way to strengthen our community. It promotes friendships, teaches discipline and helps develop a work ethic. It’s a lifetime sport!

— Dana L. Griffin


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