Letter: How can mine exist near fishery?

Anchorage Daily NewsJuly 9, 2013 

I appreciated Pamela Brodie’s superior letter-to-the-editor of July 3, offering a retort to Tim Bradner’s, pro-Pebble column of 

June 30. Her response was thorough and comprehensive.

One criticism of the Bradner article was left untouched, however. In it, Mr. Bradner notes:

“… I don’t believe we have to make an either-or choice; we can have the fishery and the mine.”

This is conclusory, in that it draws conclusions without supporting evidence, and begs the ultimate question: how can that mine possibly exist near the greatest salmon fishery on the planet?

Mr. Bradner is a good person, a good writer, and comes from a great Alaska family. But there is a price to pay for corporate journalism.

—  Rep. Andy Josephson


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