Ezza Rose Alaska tour announced

Posted on July 10, 2013 

Portland singer Ezza Rose has several Alaska appearances coming up. Here's her schedule from her agent. I note that Alaska singer Emma Hill, who is represented by the same agency, will also be performing at the Denali Salmon Bake on Aug. 8 and at the Tanana Valley Alaska State Fair on Aug. 9. 


Ezza Rose Band Alasks Tour 2013

Thursday, July 18        Anchorage, AK     90.3 KNBA Live Interview       5:30pm

Friday, July 19     Anchorage, AK     Taproot Public House      9:30pm

Saturday, July 20     Anchorage, AK     Town Square      3:45pm

Sunday, July 21     Anchorage, AK    House Concert     7:30pm

Tuesday, July 23     Denali, AK     Denali Education Center     7:30pm

Wednesday, July 24     Denali, AK     TBA

Thursday, July 25     Denali, AK     Denali Salmon Bake     10pm

Friday, July 26     Denali, AK     Denali Salmon Bake     10pm

Saturday, July 27     Fairbanks, AK     The Marlin     10pm

Sunday, July 28     Fairbanks, AK     TBA

Tuesday, July 30     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm

Wednesday, July 31     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm

Thursday, August 1     Seward, AK     Resurrect Art Coffee House     6pm

Friday, August 2     Ninilchik, AK     Salmonstock     3:30pm

Saturday, August 3    Ninilchik, AK     Salmonstock     TBA

Sunday, August 4     Cooper Landing, AK      Kingfisther Lodge     7:30pm

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