Fourth of July fireworks: Epilog

AnchorageJuly 10, 2013 

Eddie hangs out on top of the Homer Spit saloon.


We went to Seward for the 4th and were camped out at midnight on the 3rd when the city's display went off. It's not the place I would choose to shelter a dog who's afraid of fireworks, but that's where we were so we dealt with it.


My biggest concern early was surprise explosions around the campsite, so I took zero chances with Eddie being off-leash when outside the trailer. Even secure inside, when the first one went off someone happened to be walking into the trailer and Eddie made a bolt to escape. Fortunately, we were alert to the potential problem and stopped him.
While the rest of my party went off to view the city's display at midnight, I stayed behind in the trailer and huddled with Eddie. He was wearing a Thundershirt, which always helps. He was terrified at first and wanted to get outside, but once I realized I had my ipod with me, I turned that on and put the speaker under the sleeping bag with us. That helped a lot. I hugged him tight and he actually stopped shaking entirely before the racket was through. Jillie, meanwhile, had zero problems. She slept at my feet and wondered why Eddie was getting all the attention.
Most of the complaints I've heard from friends were not about the initial bursts of explosions at midnight but about the random ones that went on for hours into the night and even days to follow.
How'd it go where you live?

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