Arts Scene: 'Stories From the Cemetery,' '(title of show),' and antique photography

Mike DunhamJuly 11, 2013 

Real old school

Photographer Adam Ottavi took his hand-built camera to Homer recently and returned with a collection of ambrotypes now on display at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art. This antique style of portraiture has a very narrow focal range; in general Ottavi has kept the eyes in focus as the rest of the person sort of fades into a dreamy uncertainty. The images are beautifully displayed on glass plates mounted in front of dark backgrounds. "To Crave What the Light Does Crave" is a must-see for all who love the art of the camera. Also at the gallery, 427 D St., is poster work by Craig Updegrove, a curious take on the concept of books by William Kozloff and, in the Guest Room, assorted paintings by Lesley Harrison, Dean Richardsa and Christine Smith.

Tales from the tomb

The next edition of "Stories at the Cemetery" will take place starting at 6 p.m. Sunday at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery downtown. Actors will portray historic Alaska figures at 11 grave sites, with true details and some theatrical speculation regarding such dark corners of local lore as the unsolved murder of the city's first police chief, the catastrophic sinking of the passenger steamer Princess Sophia and the highly suspicious death of the boxer who went by the nickname of "The Alaskan Assassin. Show up at the John Bagoy gate at Seventh Avenue and Cordova Street. The tour is free, but donations are accepted to reward the performers and cover costs of future graveyard tours.

Let's make a musical!

If Jean-Paul Sartre did a Broadway musical, it might look like the absurdly existential "(title of show)." Anchorage is seeing this satiric send-up of popular shows and -- more specifically -- how they come to be not long after it improbably made it to Broadway and before it opens in London. A quartet of energetic and talented singing actors, plus one piano player, are presenting the fast-paced comedy that teeters between surrealism and zaniness at 7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday through Aug. 4 at Cyrano's 413 D St.

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