Letter: After 10 years, partnership still doesn’t show Pebble mine plans

July 13, 2013 

It is good to finally see one of our congressional delegates weigh in on the proposed Pebble mine issue in a substantive way. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s letter to the Pebble Limited Partnership last week urging them to disclose their plans once and for all after nearly 10 years of promising is not too much to ask. As a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, I stand with thousands of others whose livelihoods are threatened by the possible future of this mine. It is like waiting to find out whether you have cancer and how to proceed if you do. 

PLP’s delays have caused the EPA to get involved and assess a number of possible mine scenarios because PLP continues to claim that they have no mine plan. The EPA is scheduled to release their final scientific review of large-scale mines in Bristol Bay at the end of this year. Drafts that have been released are in keeping with the devastating impacts that we believe large-scale mining would have on our fishery. 

— Melanie Brown


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