Leadership Anchorage is now accepting applications

Posted on July 16, 2013 

From left to right: (along rail) Chelsea Gulling, Jennifer Howell, Greg Schmidt, Dean Marshall, Brit Szymoniak, Katherine Jernstrom, (middle row) Olympia Lewis, Jenifer Nelson, Barbara Soule (front row) Hope Finkelstein, Josephine Edwards-Vollertsen, Michelle Fletcher, Rhonda Easley. At right, Larry Campbell, Leadership Anchorage director.


Leadership Anchorage now accepting applications

Are leaders born or made? Can anyone be a leader at one time or another? Can you?


The essence of leadership is what we delve into in Leadership Anchorage. And the program just might be for you.


In Leadership Anchorage, a program of the Alaska Humanities Forum, a selected cohort spends a year examining the subject – through readings and discussion, hearing from current leaders, cultivating a mentor relationship and completing a community project.


The goal: To understand and become lifelong students of leadership – and maybe discover the potential within yourself.


If you see yourself becoming a leader, apply. We’ll help develop the leader in you. If you’re already a leader, apply. You’ll discover new ideas and theories to help you grow.


Visit www.akhf.org/programs/leadership-anchorage to learn more. You’ll find the full program description, schedule for 2013-14 and the application form. The upcoming session begins Sept. 20. Deadline to apply is Monday, Aug. 26.


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