Letter: Damage done, GOP takes it easy

July 17, 2013 

For months, Democrats in Alaska have worried about what new geographic concoctions the Republican-dominated redistricting board would come up with. Would multiple Democratic senators be thrown into the same district? Would up-and-coming Democrats in the House have their districts saturated with new conservative constituents?

On Sunday morning the Alaska Redistricting Board finalized its latest statewide plan. And surprisingly, things didn’t get too much worse for Democrats. So why the free pass?

In 2012 the Republicans gerrymandered the election and then immediately declared war on women, launched a campaign to discredit public schools, slashed pollution regulations on out of state cruise ships, and passed the largest resource give away in Alaska history, fundamentally rupturing the state budget.

Perhaps the GOP just figured there wasn’t much more damage they could do.

— Katie Bruggeman



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