Letter: Would furor occur if the dead guy was white?

July 19, 2013 

Al-Hajj Frederick H Minshall’s comments (“Verdict Declares Open Season on Those Who Are Different,” July 16) suggests George Zimmerman should not have defended himself from an attack brutal enough to compel him to use lethal force against Trayvon Martin. The jury has spoken after all the testimony and some are unhappy with the verdict, wanting to try Mr. Zimmerman in the press.

I wonder if all this furor would take place if the race issues were reversed or even make the local news if the dead guy was white. So called “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson seem to relish stirring up discontent and absent perpetual deep- seated racial anger we wouldn’t even likely know who they were. Continuous picking at the scars of history for advantage will never unite us.  

Personally, I take people one at a time. I don’t care what color they are if I respect them. Evidently Trayvon attacked Zimmerman when he could have retreated and preserved his life. Like a now thankfully departing Homeland Security official once said: “The System Worked!” Only this time it’s true.

— William Ahrens

Eagle River


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