Warning to Kodiak boaters: Beware of sleeping whales

AnchorageJuly 22, 2013 

A Humpback breaches while feeding just north of the Kodiak harbor in August, 1998.


From KMXT: Humpback whales are regular visitors to Kodiak-area waters, but this year they're cruising and even sleeping closer to the city than in previous years. That creates a boating hazard, marine mammal specialist Kate Wynne says.

"They look kind of like logs. They don’t wake up very easily and people could accidentally run into them. What we’ve heard of are people that actually think they’re either dead, and have, you know, motored over to see what’s wrong with them and then had them take a breath. Or else people going over to try and get as close as they can to the animals while they’re asleep. Which people should, they should know there’s a 100 yard minimum distance requirement on these whales. So you don’t disturb them. The point is if they’re sleeping, you leave them asleep.” 

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