Letter: Marijuana use neither harmless nor smart

July 25, 2013 

I shake my head when I see marijuana being promoted as a “not too bad” substance. If you’ve ever felt completely out of control while driving — your grasp of time so significantly altered that you had no idea how long the ambulance behind you had been trying to safely advance, as I did when I was young; if you’ve ever had friends who had psychotic experiences under its influence, as I have; or seen countless people you’ve known move on to other drugs and suffer devastating consequences because marijuana made drug use seem OK and fun, you wouldn’t be sanctioning it.

The damage caused by alcohol and cigarettes is the result of their originally being easily accessed in our society. It’s too late to undo the havoc they’ve wreaked now. Making another, equally deleterious substance as easy to access is not the answer.

I suppose this makes sense if looked at through only a legal lens. It makes no sense at all when viewed with clear, balanced vision for people’s overall safety and good.

— Victoria J. Walsh



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