Letter: Liquor store patron unimpressed with being asked to show his ID

July 29, 2013 

I’m at the local liquor store, and the clerk asked for my ID. I asked him why, and he said it’s the law. “Well, it’s not the law,” I said. “The law requires that you check ID if you suspect a person is under age. Do I look under age?” He was unimpressed, so I continued, “Dude, I’m an old hippie. I’ll get my AARP carrying card members down here for a sit-in that will make Occupy Wall Street look like a backyard barbecue.” He wouldn’t budge, so I went somewhere else.

Never one to complain without also offering a solution, I propose this: a) educate folks as to the sheer stupidity of Blue Laws, perhaps by watching PBS’s series on Prohibition by Ken Burns; b) rewrite the city ordinances so that any person that’s carded who is above 50 years of age gets a 10 percent discount on their purchases to punish the company for being irritating and stupid, as well as holding up the line unnecessarily.

— Bruce Bibee




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