Don't forget: You can eat those salmon heads, including the eyeballs

AnchorageAugust 8, 2013 

BILL ROTH — Anchorage Daily News archive

From the Anchorage Press: Most fish processors operating in Alaska grind salmon heads and toss them back in the ocean along with guts and other less-desirable fish parts. But Nicolaas Mink, author of "Salmon, a Global History," says one reason to consider eating heads is their high nutritional value. Press writer Andy Miller went for it and writes about his first taste of salmon eyeballs.

I felt a little like I was desecrating the poor dead fish when I plucked the first eye out of its socket, and I didn’t feel any better when it rolled across my plate and seemed to stare at me. There was no denying that what I was about to eat had recently been a small but important part of a living, breathing creature.

It would have been easy to swallow the eye whole and get it over with, but I made a good show for everyone at the table. I bit in and chewed a few times, as I had been told to do, and I proudly smiled when I spit out the hard little ball I had been told I could expect to find inside the eye.

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